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We introduce art buyers and collectors to new artists with art for sale


We are happy to work with art buyers and collectors, experienced or new.

We are happy to advise you on buying art and starting a collection. We work with affordable art works – mainly in the range $1,000 to $20,000. We do not work with the highly commercialized end of the market, where artists employ others to do work which they sign, and which is then sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. All of our artists create the work themselves, and we meet and supervise them closely in the selling process. We specialize in painting and photography.

Please email:


If you are a new, or simply undiscovered artist – Christopher Walker Art wants to hear from you.

We are used to working with many different artists of all kinds. We do not expect you to be especially knowledgeable or commercial. That is our role. We will make sure your art is for sale to the widest audience. We do expect you to be keen, indeed passionate about your art, and to want to be discovered.

Christopher Walker Art encourages you to reach out to us. Please email:, describing your background and previous exhibitions (if any) you have had.  If you have had any press comment, include this. If you have a description of your art, in your own words, or the words of others, include this as well. Please include examples of your work, or a link to your work. Please mark the email for the attention of Christopher Walker himself.

What happens next? If we are interested in your work, we will reach out to you and arrange a meeting. Christopher Walker Art does not take on an artist without a face to face meeting. We must see your work, physically. We will be happy to talk through with you what the various options are, and, if we are in mutual agreement, we will set up a contract to protect your interests, and our own. Christopher Walker Art only works with artists where a contract is in place between both parties.

Fair Organizers/Galleries

We consider any professional exhibition opportunity.

Please send details to: