Matt Webber

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Matt Webber’s abstract paintings are built up, layer by layer, over a period of many months. The artist begins each work by drawing an element from a landscape image. Although this aspect will be largely obscured, it forms the structure for the piece, and creates the opening ‘move’ in the painting’s development. The artist describes the process of making these works as being like a game or a conversation, with each layer subtly influencing the outcome of the next. Sometimes this happens on a purely aesthetic level, but at other times the effect is a chemical one, as almost-dry paint reacts to the application of a new layer of oil paint, creating unplanned textures and forms.” At a certain point in the painting’s development”, Matt notes “when I feel that all the parts are in place, I begin to strip the layers away, carving and scraping the finished painting from a dense slab of accumulated paint. Every layer that has been applied gradually re-emerges; every mark that has been made on the surface during the painting’s construction will have a part to play in the final image.”

Matt sees his paintings as landscapes in their own right. Rather than being overt representations of a specific place, they become a new, often alien environment; one that is created by a process of obscurement and destruction, a process that the artist sees as being analogous with our wider environment. He studied fine art in the North of England but now works out of a studio in London’s East End. “I’ve discovered Matthew Webber, who is wonderful” Anne Robinson in the Guardian

Matt webber- Christopher Walker Art

Oil and acrylic on canvas (16.5 x 14.5 inches)


Matt webber- Christopher walker art

Acrylic on board (15x 15” inches)


Matt webber-christopher walker art

Oil and acrylic on board (13.5 x 14.5 inches)


matt webber-Christopher walker art

Oil and acrylic on canvas (15 x 11” inches)


matt webber-christopher walker art

Oil and acrylic on canvas (16 x 16 inches)


Matt webber-Christopher walker art

Oil and acrylic on canvas (17 x 15” inches)