Jazmin Jane

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Jazmin Jane is the youngest of Christopher Walker’s painters, but also one of the most talented. She grew up in the East of England and studied fine art at Canterbury University. She concentrates on the physical and emotional aspects of a subject, using color and texture on the canvas’s surface to demonstrate character in portraiture. Jazmin says “I make vivid observations. The hard jaw lines which showcases a person’s strong will; a past story or memory that can be read from the lines in someone’s expression.”

Jazmin Jane- Christopher Walker Art

‘Hollywood’ oil on canvas 14"x18"

‘Hollywood’ depicts a famous actress. Not anyone in particular, but rather the idea of one. However, it is also a self- portrait. “I have generated an image that is comforting in displaying my own successes, and also my naivety as an ‘unknown’.” It has bright colours, yet it also depicts the vulnerable and bruised aspect of a young girl. The girl is seated like a school portrait would be taken, but also as an actress’s headshot. It is glamorous, with the hair neatly curled, but the cheekbones are pummelled and the eyes slightly tinged.” It was unintentional to create this fictional character that so closely resembles me. It shows my own insecurities yet my own goals and dreams as being a strong female”- Jazmin Jane.

Jazmin Jane-Christopher walker art

‘Society’ oil on canvas, 14x18

The subject was once a famous gangster, a good looking playboy, and a major character in London’s East End. Here he is viewed as if being interviewed, having his picture taken or having a conversation with him. Jazmin comments – “I wanted to create a sense that you know this person in some way or for some reason.”  

jazmin jane-christopher walker art

‘Brown Bread’ oil on canvas 14" x18"

This painting is of a man who has spent many years in jail, and yet who has avoided being broken by the experience. He was once a Godfather, but the artist has chosen to soften the image and use paler colours than the rest of the series. As Jazmin Jane says “I found it interesting to create a painting that showed a soft and soothing portrayal, as opposed to the violence that characterized this man’s life.”