David Alan Sincavage

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David Alan Sincavage grew up in the southern United States, in a difficult family, blighted by divorce, violence, and alcohol. Art was the means of escape for an exceptionally gifted child, bruised emotionally. His extraordinary talent was spotted as he approached manhood, for good and bad. At one point, hearing that the young artist was working on a challenging series confronting church abuse, a group of local religious fanatics gained entry to his studio and destroyed all of his work up to that point. Starting to paint and draw again from scratch, and seeking to turn his troubled past into a positive force, he has found an artistic, adult, voice in his current work.

His story has reached a happy ending – finding love and support from his wife, Catherine.

lily white | david alan sincavage | art for sale

Lily White


primitive peace | david alan sincavage | art for sale

Primitive Peace

Melancholy Man | david alan sincavage

Melancholy Man

trinity internet | david alan sincavage | art for sale

Trinity Internet