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 Christopher Walker Art  logoChristopher Walker Art – London’s New Stars hit US winter art season

A wave of the latest raw, young,  talent from the UK is hitting US shores, commencing with Miami International Art Fair (opening January 17th), moving on to Art Palm Beach (January 24th) and climaxing in New York in the spring. Fifteen of the most gifted painters have been selected, one highly talented sculptor,  and five of the hottest photographers.


Nicky-Taylor-Cornwall-Photograph We will be showing several new works by Nicky Taylor, one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers. His extensive landscape, seascape and underwater photography reflects his global perspective, and he has been well received in New York and London where his recent solo exhibition “The Return to Beauty” received euphoric press comment:-

“Tangible, unique, and captivating… photographic works that really capture a moment of natural beauty”.

Nicky-Taylor-Porlock-vale-England-Photograph “British photographic artist Nicky Taylor’s… larger than life works have gained him renown and a reputation, and his works are highly sought after.”

Nicky-Taylor-lake-titicaca-Photograph-“Taylor is proof that great photography is by no means a lost craft, and his art is simply exemplary.”Nicky Taylor commented“I see my work as part of the ‘return to beauty’ that has gripped the new wave of young photographers in London. My work seeks it’s inspiration in Nature’s destructive, and yet creative, forces – shaping the world as we see it, and dwarfing man’s mark.”

Jabo (Javier Bohorquez)

Javier Bohorquez  is a photographer and contemporary new media artist based in NYC. His creative process involves layers of imagination that create powerful compositions where colour plays a dominant role. Javier Bohorquez

For Jabo, colour is a strong driving force that comes from his Latin roots. He studied at the International Photography Centre in New York, and at the Applied Art School in Amagansett, NY.He has exhibited in several places in the US, including New York and the Hamptons.  National Geographic chose one of his works for their ‘Top Photographs of 2009’.


Sean Hinds was born in Derry in Northern Ireland, and studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art and Design in London before attending Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, specialising in painting and sculpture. Having developed a particular interest in photography, Sean took a post-graduate course at the prestigious London Film School, where he added screenwriting and directing to his cinematography skills. After several years working as a Director of Photography (DOP) in film, Sean directed the multi-award winning short film The Pan Loaf, which was the runner-up for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. His second film, Boys and Men, won many awards on the international film festival circuit, and subsequently was bought by Channel 4. This is the first exhibition of his fabulous, abstract, works such as ‘Alignment ‘below.

Alignment | Sean Hinds

Black & White Photography

Grace Vane Percy’s series of female nudes in classical settings reflect a strong creative flair, and artistic sensibility. The glorious, stately, backdrops celebrate English Palladian architecture at its finest. The Financial Times comments “Vane Percy’s approach is resolutely artistic” reflecting her training at the Charles Cecil studios in Florence as a classical artist working mainly in charcoal. This has also influenced her comprehension of anatomy, and the strong sense of chiaroscuro which is visible in her current work.Grace Vane Percy | Christopher Walker Art | black and white Grace herself grew up in an English country house in Cambridgeshire. She studied history of Art at the Courtauld Institute and Fashion photography and darkroom techniques at Central St. Martins. She has been commissioned to photograph some of the most elite and successful women in London and New York. She recently photographed new mother, and wife of Orlando Bloom,Miranda Kerr, and has been invited to join the ‘Women in Photography’ Archive at Yale. Grace is working on her first book which will be published by Quartet, and was just included in “Glorious 2012” at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.  In the words of London’s Evening Standard – “Grace is the best in town if not the world.”

Tim Lord works from a garret studio in London’s Soho which overlooks the city’s roof tops.  Soho is the centre of London’s creative community – including advertising, theatre and film.   It is also historically the centre of its sex and entertainment industries, and acts as a refuge for its outsiders and misfits.  His street work reflects that quarter’s multiple roles, and the sometimes grim and gritty backdrop in which creativity flourishes.  His portraits range across the varied characters and mavericks of Soho.

Tim Lord-christopher walker art


Isao Miura | Yellow MoonLeading the painters is Isao Miura. Miura is a Japanese painter and sculptor based in London. He trained in Japan, then at the Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. He paints with oil colors and inks, on canvas and tatami (Japanese reed mats). His sculptures are mainly in wood and stone and other natural materials. Mick Goggin, Arts Service, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea comments “…MIURA’s work reflects his Japanese background, Isao Miura | Boy with a Blue Iris with its emphasis on balance and harmony, and somehow recovers the Japanese influences that have suffused the work of European artists.”

 Isao was one of our most successful painters in 2012, and was the particular star of Art Palm Beach 2012. We will be showing his work at this year’s Art Palm Beach edition.


Ingrid Lucas’s work is highly intelligent, looking at hidden agendas and gender manipulation. Her paintings use color and size to seduce the viewer into another world of time gone by. Oil paint is applied thinly and evenly over a large canvas,broken barbie | Ingrid Lucas’s with naively depicted figures mimicking magazines or children’s picture books. A prominent feature of her work is the choice of primary colors selected from her predilection for the 1950s magazines’ printing methods.

Lucas deals with events and images that have had political impact in an attempt to remind us of lessons learnt and forgotten. Ingrid herself comments –“The ambiguity of time and space within my paintings creates confusion…….a juxtaposition of the visible becoming invisible, the seen becoming unseen and forgotten.” Ingrid’s perspective and insight to the life of ordinary women was recognized this year when she was chosen as the official artist at the Labour Party conference.

 Matt Webber’s abstract paintings are built up, layer by layer, over a period of many months. The artist begins each work by drawing on element from a landscape image.

abstract artwork, abstract art prints, abstract painting, art

Although this aspect will be largely obscured, it forms the structure for the piece, and creates the opening ‘move’ in the painting’s development. The artist describes the process of making these works as being like a game or a conversation, with each layer subtly influencing the outcome of the next. At a certain point in the painting’s development”, Matt notes “when I feel that all the parts are in place, I begin to strip the layers away, carving and scraping the finished painting from a dense slab of accumulated paint. Matt sees his paintings as landscapes in their own right. Rather than being overt representations of a specific place, they become a new, often alien environment. Matt studied fine art in the North of England but now works out of a studio in London’s East End. “I’ve discovered Matthew Webber, who is wonderful” Anne Robinson in the Guardian

Jazmin JaneJazmin Jane is the youngest of Christopher Walker’s painters, but also one of the most talented. She grew up in the East of England and studied fine art at Canterbury University. She concentrates on the physical and emotional aspects of a subject, using color and texture on the canvas’s surface to demonstrate character in portraiture. Jazmin says “I make vivid observations. The hard jaw lines which showcases a person’s strong will; a past story or memory that can be read from the lines in someone’s expression.”


 David Alan Sincavage grew up in the southern United States in a family blighted by divorce violence and alcohol. Art was the means of escape for an exceptionally gifted child, bruised physically and emotionally.As Youth Runs Away david allan His extraordinary talent was spotted as he approached manhood, for good and bad. At one point, hearing that the young artist was working on a challenging series confronting church abuse, a group of local religious fanatics gained entry to his studio and destroyed all of his work up to that point. Starting to paint and draw again from scratch, and seeking to turn his troubled past into a positive force, he has found an artistic, adult, voice in his current work.

His story has reached a happy ending – finding love and support from his wife, Catherine.                                        

From an early age Trudy Good was drawn to a world where a subtle, supernatural beauty Trudy Good seems to be hiding under the breath of the human form.  Her use of charcoal and limited colour in selected areas is inspired by the haunting quality of antique photographs and Grisaille. Good has developed a pared down approach to composition as well as her palette.  “The punctuation of colour can give the sense of a very surreal space and unnatural quality and depth within the work”. Not only does this add to the evocative mood and other worldly feel, in addition it draws the viewer’s attention to what Good wants them to see, to feel; to what is important in that particular piece.

In life we each choose to allow others to see of us what we will, but we keep our most private thoughts and feelings very much in shadow, hidden from others. This is an idea that is explored in Good’s images of the female form. “Her body language in a single unguarded moment- sometimes a sense of peace, sometimes melancholy, the million different emotions that make up human nature, every one interests and inspires me.’

Shane Hyde grew up in England, in the Black Country town of Dudley. He came to paint landscapes quite recently, “I find them an addictive and highly challenging form. Trying to capture the subtleties of light and colour found in a scene is one of the hardest things I have tried

Shane HydeHyde is currently working on a series of paintings centred around forgotten places. Hidden away in Norfolk are an array of old factories, derelict churches, redundant railway buildings and abandoned houses hanging from eroded cliffs. The way that nature reclaims man-made structures interests the Artist greatly.


Michael Alford took a degree in modern Arabic and Spanish Alford trained at the Slade Michael Alford School and Chelsea School of Art before launching a successful career as a muralist and painter.

Today Michael’s paintings and murals can be found in public and private collections worldwide. He exhibits widely in the UK and abroad. He has lived and worked in France, Spain, the United States and several countries in the Middle East. In 2010, he went to Afghanistan as an official war artist.

Michael Alford maintains a studio in London. He lives nearby with his wife and daughter.

Working from his Cotswold studio, Jeremy Houghton is one of this generation’s most prolific and collectable artists. He has achieved some notable achievements and commissions:  He was official artist for London Fashion Week in 2007, crown jewels by Jeremy Houghtonofficially painted HM the Queen in 2009, and has had solo exhibitions at some of the world’s premier galleries – The Saatchi Gallery and Everard Read gallery amongst others. He is currently a resident artist at HRH Prince Charles country residence Highgrove, and was one of the official artists for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Through diverse portfolios Houghton’s work is an aesthetical study of relationships, creating works which embrace the pleasure of seeing. The conservation of balanced connections between man and nature is the inspiration behind his work – particularly those concerning water – and how they can be portrayed from different visual, social and environmental angles. Old photographic negatives provide the starting point for each piece of work. Tone and form are then used to portray movement and space, purposefully distanced from time.

Catherine Beale was schooled on the edge of Wiltshire’s desolate chalk downlands. She lived for many years in South East Asia and recorded the disappearing heritage of that region, some of which are now in the possession of the British Royal family. This Asian period has influenced her style, and her often saturated colours she delights in the clear complexion of a child’s skin or the gloss of an animal’s fur. She has exhibited at the Royal Watercolour Society in London, and The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour on London’s bankside. Beale lives and works in Somerset

Lian Liu landscapeLian Liu was born in Jiujiang city China. He seeks to combine western painting techniques with what he describes as “The Chinese Imagination.” He has exhibited in Paris, Budapest and in many cities in China.


882 by Costa DvorezkyBorn in Russia, Costa Dvorezsky  developed his unique brand of art through his extensive   schooling at the Art College and the Academy of Arts in   Moscow. His passion and talent for art was recognized   by Russia’s Union of Young Artists when he received the   Development of The Year Award in 1997. As a viewer of Costa’s images, one is transported to a world of fictional proportions that exists in the recesses of the artist’s mind.
  Metamorphosed human and animal figures shrouded in darkness, suggest the existence of a distorted world-order. These images evoke one to closely examine and question the reality of what one sees. Through his artwork, Costa challenges the observer to not only understand the scope of the actual image, but to also comprehend the feelings that the image provokes.

Costa’s art has achieved international recognition. It has been featured in many private and public exhibits on European and North American stage, and has been sold to many private collections in Europe, the United States and Canada.


Franck Duriez | Christopher Walker Art | Sculpture

Franck Duriez was born in France and grew up outside of Paris. He originally trained and worked as a social worker, keen to help others. But his life changed when he moved to India, in a voyage to discover his inner self. He became a skilled yogi and studied, and now practices, Buddhism.

Adonis | Franck Duriez It was also in India that Duriez met his wife, and they now live in the United States where he sculpts. Franck begins with the careful selection of an individual stone, the size, shape and texture of which speaks to him inspiring the final piece.


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MIA January 2013

Premiere galleries from across the globe, collectors and curators gather in exciting Miami January 18-21, 2013 for the 4th edition of Miami International Art Fair, one of America’s most exciting mid-winter contemporary art fairs. Relocated to Miami’s premiere downtown Art & Entertainment District, MIA will bring together international and emerging artists to the waterfront scene for a five day extravaganza of art and culture. In addition MIA will present Sculpture Miami, a waterside installation and sculpture exhibition in Bayfront Park. Over thirty large scale sculptures by major international sculptors will be on public display beginning Dec. 4 through March 12.

The Fair will commence with a private preview, January 17th from 6:30-8:30pm. The preview evening will continue with a Collectors’ Invitational from 8:30-10pm for additional distinguished collectors and VIP guests.

The contemporary fair will gather a carefully selected array of 30 international dealers presenting both established contemporary and emerging artists. Works will be composed of contemporary, cutting-edge art of all media including photography, painting, mixed-media, sculpture, installation and video. The mission of the fair is to showcase galleries representing the most talented and visionary artists of the 21st century.

MIA 2013 will commence aboard the luxurious SeaFair. Docked at the Intercontinental Hotel Dock, this visionary vessel is where business and pleasure converge. It is the ultimate venue for distinguished international dealers to meet new collectors.


Docked at
Intercontinental Hotel Dock
100 Chopin Plaza,
Miami, FL 33131

Date – 18-21 January



Art Palm Beach – January 2013

Art Palm Beach celebrates its 16th Anniversary at the Palm Beach County Convention Center from January 25th-28th, 2013 with a Preview evening January 24th. ArtPalmBeach is considered one of the most influential contemporary art fairs on Florida’s Gold Coast by both critics and art enthusiasts since its opening in 1997. This year fair will debut the most extensive program in its history by encompassing premiere events, special exhibitions, topical lectures, special museum tours, site specific art installations, art performances and exclusive VIP programs.

Art Palm Beach 2013 welcomes back many returning exhibitors as well as introducing newcomers to the Palm Beach art scene. The fair is comprised of over seventy international galleries presenting works of all forms of contemporary art including painting, sculpture, photography, design, fine art glass, video and installations from modern art to new cutting-edge artists.


Palm Beach County Convention Center

650 Okeechobee Boulevard

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Date- 24-28 January 2013